14 Days of Love

Nothing screams “I! LOVE! YOU!” more than a partridge in a pear tree. Am I right? Oh wait. You mean that’s not what you wanted for Christmas OR Valentine’s Day? Yeah, me neither. The 10 lords a leaping? Well, that might be the exception. We’re axing the 12 days of Christmas and officially adopting the 14 days of Love to celebrate the days leading up to Valentines this year.

Ry kicked it off starting February 1st with the cutest little gift I’ve ever held in one hand! In this case, it’s true… The best things really do come in small packages!

You can order one for your sweetie HERE.
On February 2nd, I found it only fitting to return something special to him via mail. Let’s be honest, Husby would rather eat than read a love letter any day. Good thing I understand his love language, loud and clear.

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