Days of Love 3 & 4

Day 3 will go down as one of the sweetest dates I’ve been on.

You might ask, how could a night out to dinner be ranked as one of my favorites?

Well, it was all about the little things that set it apart. For all intents and purposes I’ve allotted the little things with points. 3 points for the adorable way he asked me. Talk about waaay cuter than seeing my scary bed head first thing in the morning. Another 2 points for the surprise gerbers waiting on my seat in the car! Pretty sure I even tee-hee’d (giggled) out loud, followed by a long drawn-out Awwwwww, Babe! And last but not least, a whopping 5 points for the personal love letter (not some phony cheesy-mess, but rather completely genuine and from the heart). Thankfully he snapped the picture before the giant black mascara tears bled down my face.

If you’ve kept track, you’re right (3+2+5)… This date was a 10! Hmm… maybe I should tell him points can be redeemed? Maybe that’ll result in more 10 point date nights in the future.

After Friday’s night out on the town it was my turn to plan a date night at home. Not sure I scored ANY points in comparison to what he busted out. But, I will say cuddly blankets, a good chick flick, and simple snacks always makes for an enjoyable night just relaxing at home.

On a side note, how I snatched up a football-loving-chick-flick-watching kinda guy is beyond me… But it’s a heavenly combination.
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