Valentine Breakfast (Day 11)

It was our 2nd annual family Valentine breakfast – a tradition we started last year dedicated to love of our children. Picnic food, expressions of love for each child (more on that in tomorrow’s post), and taking our sweet time enjoying each others company.

Beck and I had a little strawberry game going on (dangling it over his face and poppin’ it on his nose… belly laughed for a whole 5 minutes! heaven).

Gage ate half of the “blee-blee bread” himself and took on a new fascination with the peppermill – trying to convince us everything (including toys) needed more pepper! ha!

And how about LuLu, constantly eyeing the soufflé like it was her last meal?! Her adorable eyes and content way of waiting patiently had me sharing mine with her!

Picnicking in a playroom with the ones I love most, couldn’t make a Mama more happy.

 Lounge pillows – c/o Polka dot Pears (use code: “LOVEIT” for 14% off)

Sandwich Boards + Serving Tray + Menu – c/o Peg & Awl

Kissing Quilt – c/o Antique Quilt Revival

Blueberry Biscuits – here, Souffle – recipe coming soon.

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