A Sweet Tweet

Our dollhouse could be labeled a bird magnet. Over the years, many a feathered friend have made nests in our mailbox, front porch, and trees. And sadly, we’ve even experienced bird deaths (both of which induced by those living here – yes, I’m talking Husby and LuLu. But those are stories for another time… or maybe never). Sad.

Come Spring each year, this place is chirping! These super simple DIY bird feeders are our way of giving an annual peace offering to nature (let’s be honest… word in the woods is, it’s the least we can do).

And yes, gelatin is safe for birdies. I called a bird lady to double check…

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  • Lilli Toby says:

    I just love reading your blog. You come up with the greatest ideas and there always fun to read. I wish we had a bigger yard or a tree to make these. So cute.

    • missy says:

      Aww, you’re so sweet. My heart smiles every time I hear someone say they’re enjoying the blog. Never.gets.old. xo

  • So simple and cute! That striped baker’s twine in pretty colors would look amazing on these feeders too :)

    You come up with the most darling titles for your posts, by the way!

  • Such a fun idea! I love feeding the birds but I’m a bit worried that if I attracted them all to our balcony our cats would have a field day – and it would not be pretty, sigh. So I think I’ll make this as a gift for someone else ;).

  • Courtney says:

    Such a cute idea! How do you come up with so many wonderful crafts? When I have a house and kids I will be using your blog for inspiration everyday!

    • missy says:

      When you have a house and kids, you’ll be amazed at the ideas that come on their own! Thank you for the sweet comment, Courtney.

  • Nicole says:

    these were awesome and easy to make. I love that it doesnt involve peanut butter for my classrrom. We put them inside lined paper towel tubes so they would fit in our cylinder bird feeders. Thanks for sharing the recipe

    • missy says:

      Yay! I LOVE hearing success stories. I was actually thinking it would be great for the classroom (given all the allergies now). We always did marshmallow fluff and it grossed me out. How did you manage to simmer the gelatin at school? ha!

  • Danielle says:

    This is such an adorable idea! I’m about to leave to go buy all the supplies for these to make with my boyfriend as an activity for his birthday. Thanks so much for this and many other great posts! :)

  • Kayla says:

    These are great! I just made these today. My remarks:
    -Super easy!!!
    -Don’t use too much cooking spray, or they will be greasy on the back (woops!)
    -Feed the twine through the straws to make threading them super easy!

    These were awesome, Missy. Thanks for the idea!!

  • Elise says:

    I would love to make these and send them to my Grammie (she loves birdwatching)… but do you know how well they would ship? Are they easily breakable, or do the seeds fall off relatively easily? Thanks for the idea! :)

  • karla says:

    This is a perfect gift for our son to make for his bird-lovin’ dad! His birthday is August and it will be perfect for the winter months. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

  • Denise says:

    Every Christmas Eve we do peanut butter/pinecone bird feeders for our outdoor friends as our gift back and hang them on the Blue Spruce my late father gave us that is in the corner of our yard- we will be doing THESE this year! SO cute and the kids will LOVE it! Thanks!!

  • Diana Smith says:

    This is such a cute idea!! I used to do all sorts of these things with my children. Now I am in a retirement community, and think that I may start this habit again!! Birdwatching is a big habit out here, and I know off hand a few ladies who would love these!! Thanks for the idea. ~Di

  • Elana says:

    Thanks so much for the idea…fun with no peanut butter!!! : ) I cant wait to share these with my little friends.

  • Ashley says:

    These are so wonderful. My mom is throwing me a bird themed baby shower tomorrow, and we made these as party favors! I really loved how they turned out, thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Charle says:

    Will rain/damp weather cause the gelatin to break down quickly? Love this idea, though. I’ll add it to my other homemade feeder on our porch!

  • Catherine Rosengren says:

    How big is your pack of gelatin? My packs are 1/4 Tbsp (15ml). Is that the same size as your? I am excited to try this as Christmas gifts. Do they need to stay cold or are they safe for me to ship to relatives?

    Thanks :)

  • Barb Cogdill says:

    Another fun thing my grandchildren and I do is save small pieces of thread, string, yarn and stuff it into the crevices of pine cones then hang them in trees so our birds have additional nest building supplies.

  • Elléa says:

    hello, I live in Brazil and I loved your idea. I’ll try to do, just do not have these molds, which can be cast manually?

  • Mary says:

    I’m definitely making these this winter. We have a very tall-20ft-cedar hedge in our backyard across from the deck and birds nest in it and use it for winter protection. These will be perfect for hanging on it. Thanks for the blog.

  • Megan says:

    I am wondering though would the birdfeeders fall apart once it rained? I am making them at a seniors home so we wouldn’t be able to remember to bring them in if it were to rain.

    Other than that I love this idea!

  • Becky says:

    I am making these as wedding favors for my wedding! I love that they are not made with honey and flour, which apparently molds pretty quickly. Do you think these would hold up if made a couple months in advance if left at room temperature? I have about 150 to make so I would like to get a head start! Thanks for sharing!

  • Courtney Devon says:

    Loved this idea so much I decided to make them for my friends bridal shower favors. She is having an outdoor farm wedding and these are perfect. I made about 12 so far and have to make 30 total. I’ve noticed that the first batch has started to melt a little and have some sort of fuzzy growth on them. Not sure what this is or if you can shed any light on what might be happening. Thanks! :)

    • Connie says:

      Love this idea, but only seeing this today, so I have not made these yet. Did you solve your dilemma? As a bacteriologist, my husband says it sounds like they are too wet so something was growing on these. one other gal wrote: “I let them sit out over night and the gelatin dried and they are hard and look great!” If you stuffed your bird feeders in an airtight container before they dried out, it became a breeding ground for mold, fungus or yeast growth. They need to be hard and dry first!.

    • Vonnie says:

      we made these as a class a couple days ago and ours became moldy! Little white fuzz growing all over it. I want to try These again though at home and be sure to add plenty of seed and turn them over as they dry on each side :) hopefully it will work cause they were fun to make and my husband is a bird lover!!

  • Kaitlin may says:

    Will these get old or moldy? I would love to make them for my grandmother for Christmas and the holiday time is so busy that i always get a head start and were going to do these now. Would them sitting for 1 and a half months be a problem?

  • Niki says:

    Is it possible to make a bunch of these and then store them in the freezer until closer to Christmas? I wasn’t sure if it would cause issues with the gelatin once they start to thaw.

  • Ursula says:

    Hi, I love this idea but we don’t have knox Gelatin in SA. How many grams is in a sachet? I have bought a box with 125g and mixed with 2 cups of water and 6 cups of bird seed and my mixture is still completely runny.

  • Joanne says:

    This is a great idea. We have a traditional bird feeder and finches call our place home. We wnjoy watching that as we sit outside during warm evenings. I was wondering how the gelatin holds up in winter and summer months. Does it eventually melt away in the summer, or freeze too hard for the birds to enjoy in the winter?

  • Stella says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to add either siracha, wasabi, or some other hot sauce to this (but don’t make it around kids) to keep squirrels off of the feeders. I know that birds can’t taste “hot”, and it won’t hurt them.

  • Kaye says:

    This is so precious. Thinking about trying this as a project for my Daisy Scouts (Kindergarten and First Graders) on our upcoming camping trip. They should love this! Thanks for sharing.

  • Marie says:

    Just took them out the fridge. They held together (haven’t tried hanging yet) but it seems the gelatin kind of pooled at the bottom of the ornament. Did the gelatin not simmer long enough? Did I not cool the mixture long enough before putting it into the molds?
    Thanks in advance! This is a trial run for birthday favors at the end of the month :)

    • Marie says:

      Ok me again. I let them sit out over night and the gelatin dried and they are hard and look great! They’re hanging on the trees now :)

  • Laura says:

    We made these with a class of autistic junior high students and they just loved making them! We used more birdseed than called for and it worked just fine. Thanks for the great idea.

    • Liz Long says:

      I am a first grade teacher and would like to try this with my 20 first graders. How many students did you have and how much of the ingredients did you have to use for a class?
      Thank You!

  • Jo says:

    I just made these for the first time. I wanted to be able to make more at one time, so I used a mini-muffin tin for 18 muffins. They turned out great, and I hung them on the bare branches of hydrangeas, lilac bushes, and small trees in our Cape Cod yard. So fun to watch the birds outside of our windows — thanks for the idea!

    • Shauna says:

      That is a great idea to use a muffin tin! We did a set in heart shaped cookie cutters to give away but my kids wanted to do another batch to hang at our house and I didn’t have anything to put it in.

  • Tracey says:

    Such a great idea! I made a large one last night in a silicone heart shaped cake mold. Turned out so well I made another one this morning! Thanks for sharing :)

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