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    • missy says:

      Nothing in particular, really. I don’t use whitening toothpaste because my teeth are overly sensitive; but I do have professional bleach/trays that I use about once every other month.

  • Kim says:

    Love this look and love the MUFE shadows. Kind of random, but do you use your fingers or something else to apply the cc cream? Thanks

    • Michelle says:

      I have the same question for the CC cream! I have learned so much from you Missy! Not sure what I would do without you! Xo

    • missy says:

      You girls are too cute! Thank you! I usually just apply it like I would a regular moisturizer (with my hands) since following up with the mineral foundation makes me less I’m concerned about it being even. But some days I do skip the mineral foundation, if I want more of a “dewy/glowing” look and will apply using my pink beauty blender sponge. Completely submerse the sponge in water and squeeze as much water out as possible. Apply the CC cream directly to the sponge and blot all over your face. You can also apply with your hands and then after you’ve applied concealer and blush, blot to blend altogether. That little pink sponge can be quite fun to play with and it really does work! Long-winded answer to a simple question – sorry! ha!

  • Carina says:

    Thanks for another great makeup tutorial! I have learned so much from you and so appreciate you sharing your beauty secrets:) Could you please share your nail polish color? I love it with the warm smokey eye!:)

    • missy says:

      Hi Carina, it’s Sephora’s Formula X in ‘Atomic’ (a black cherry). It lasts for at least a week without chipping, too!

  • mary says:

    You have the best beauty tutorials. I have learned so much from you as far as hair and makeup. I have brown eyes and glasses. I don’t have the option of wearing contacts. Would you consider doing a tutorial for eye makeup that would play up eyes for people who wear glasses without making the eyes look too dark? I would love to get your expertise on the subject!!

    • missy says:

      What a great idea! Of course, I’d love to help! I wear faux glasses, occasionally and would be happy to use those as an example of what I do! ha! Thank you for the request!

  • Alison says:

    I will have to try this on Friday night!

    Have you tried Smashbox – Full Exposure Mascara? I absolutely love it! Its less than $20 and I feel like it does a great job lengthening and separating (just my humble opinion :) )

    Just thought I would mention it since you’re a mascara connoisseur.

  • Janelle Lee says:

    So pretty! I love what you did with your eyes. Smokey eyes are so sexy and I’d love to learn how to do that. Will be practicing your YouTube video for several days, I bet.

  • Holly says:

    Love this look! I was also wondering have you ever ran across a really pretty tinted chapstick? One that wont rub off on your baby cakes cheeks every time you want to give them a smooch! Im sure my daughter doesn’t appreciate red lips on her soft cheeks whenever I give her kisses. :0)

  • Brooke says:

    I just came across this post and love the look!! I am looking for everyday makeup tutorials. Unfortunately, makeup forever doesn’t carry these eye shadow sticks anymore, now they are pots. Do you have a replacement for these or could you do a new updated tutorial? Thanks!! Love the blog as I just found it :)

  • Brooke says:

    Would you mind sharing the link? I am only able to find the new eyeshadow sticks which have different names for the colors which don’t match the ones you used? Thank you!!! You make it look so easy with the eye shadow sticks btw, I’ve only ever used powder!

  • Lecca says:

    Everybody has a funny make up face!!! I love yours! Thanks so much for the tutorial… using it this Saturday for a very special date night :)))))

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