To Market To Market

We’ve come to the conclusion that the weekend should be spent as mini vacations. To slow down, enjoy loved ones more fully, and explore places we’ve never seen before. So that’s what we did; explored a hot spot we’ve heard so much about. Market-shmarket for the boys… it was ALL about the light rail train getting us there! Gage thought he was kinda big stuff (ticket stub and all).

The “cheese lady’s” stand – famous for her heavenly grilled cheese sandwiches. Crazy combinations too… PB + Gouda anyone?

Trying to tame the food lion! If this picture could talk, you’d hear endless grunts and growls. And just look at that face of concentration! He means business, people.

Giving him the first slurp of the most divine cup of cocoa I’ve ever tasted. Leave it to a pretty design to make it taste even better!

Um… there’s lobsters and then there’s THIS lobster (if you can even call him that). Weighing in at 20 pounds this guy is more like godzilla of the sea! That claw alone… yikes! I’d hide my hands between my legs too, Gage.

On our way home – obviously way past nap time. But hey, schedules are out the window on vacation, remember?

He held onto his ticket the entire time at the market. He wasn’t about to miss out on another opportunity to ride the train!

This little one. I can’t even tell you how many times I nibble on him! Impossible as it may seem, he just keeps getting cuter!

A fun Saturday with the funnest boys around.

Just the way I like it.

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