Birthday Girl

Birthday gifts come and go but lasting memories are made in special moments shared with those you love.

This was one such birthday.

The day started with SNOW and a note in the mailbox inviting me on a little adventure…

First stop.

I was told to wait in the car, close my eyes, and not peek.  Ok, so maybe I peeked just a smidgen. Looking through the side mirror, I had no idea where we were. Soon enough Ryan came back and escorted me inside. Look what awaited me! Cutest little charmer I ever did see!

We made a few other stops along the way (visiting the first place we lived, my old school where I taught) before heading to the hospital where the boys were born. On the way, I was told to read notes they had written for me. Best birthday gift. Ever.

Once at the hospital, we went to the nursery to show the boys the babies.

Have to admit, I might’ve heard my uterus growl (baby hungry?).  Birthday girl or not, Husby said, that’s not happening… yet.

Speaking of hungry, the next note read, “I love you more than french fries.” He told me I could choose our lunch spot. I know he was secretly hoping for burgers; but I chose pasta for sentimental reasons. Somehow we find ourselves at this place celebrating life’s benchmarks.

Afterwards, the next note said we were to go shopping; but everyone was spent (yes, turning down shopping is a first for me). Not to worry, I asked for a raincheck.

The boys pulled this whole thing off without a glitch.  Thank you for your kind birthday wishes and those who gave Husby sweet nudges in the right direction! You guys are the best!

It’ll be a birthday I’ll never forget!


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