Easter Terrariums

Remember that one time, at Christmas, when we made pretty snow globes? The snow has since melted (a’hem packed away in storage bins) and the lonely jars have been empty since January. Rather than wait another 9 months to do it again, I took my older sister’s advice to use them each season. (See, Annie? I DO listen to you… most of the time.)

I think I heard a few of you roll your eyes right after the part where I said, “each season.” Will you see another post involving terrariums come summer and fall? Hmm… good question. I have no idea, at least for now.

According to the botanist at the nursery, these little friends will go almost 6 whole months without needing water (if the lid is left on). Just my type of gardening… the type that doesn’t need daily babysitting, nose wiping at all. Plants can be SUPER high maintenance, am I right? And that’s saying something coming from me. haha!

Although only three are pictured, six in total are scattered throughout our home. The domed parsley is used as an edible centerpiece for the kitchen table (you never know when you might need a snip of parsley to garnish your cold cereal). Brown bunny is on the coffee table and white bunny is on the sofa table, both in our family room. A few others are playing around upstairs (I told you they didn’t need adult supervision).


  • 1 Gather jars to use as your terrariums. You can even use canning jars, tiny spice jars, or even clean pickle jars (blame my painted bottles post for the pickle jar suggestion). 2 Line the bottom of the jar with river rock and small pebbles (helps with drainage and stunts the plants’ roots from growing too large). 3 Cover the rocks with potting soil. 4 Plant mini ferns and various plants (ask your nursery to direct you to 2 inch plants suited for terrariums). 5 Fill in some bare spots with preserved sheet moss (it will grow and fill in the space nicely). 6 Add finishing touches including: more rocks and mini seasonal wildlife, or fictional figures such as fairies or gnomes. 7 water generously and put the lid on (lid will fog up for a day or two… don’t worry).



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