Sales and Such

Sweater – Old Navy (in stores), Vest – HM (last year), Faux Leather Leggings – Michael Kors (in stores), Booties – Windsor Store, Bracelets – F21, Bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy 40, Polish – Orly Pure Porcelain, Lips – Sonja Kashuk in Plum Wine, Hair – 10 Minute Loose Curls

Without fail, EVERY December 26th or so, I find myself asking, “Remind me again WHY I bought this before Christmas? 50% off, really?! I got scrooged. Now where’s that crinkled up receipt so I can get price adjustment. Nice. Stuck between a dried out baby wipe and a sticky dumdum wrapper.”

Then comes the conversation with the cashier (ever so ladylike, of course).

She says, “Um. Pretty sure we don’t do price adjustments because it’s like practically free now.”

Which is obviously followed by my a-z explanations of why taking it back and rebuying it is basically the same thing so just do the price adjustment already so I can save money to buy my munchkin an ice-cream cone or a bouncy ball or… you know… maybe buy a stranger lunch.. or heck… buy 5 things for the price of the 1 thing that’s now 90% OFF! (with a please and a smile on the side).


Full price to sale price can be exhausting.

You’ll be proud to know, this year was NOT that year. No returns. No exchanges. No personal clothes shopping before Christmas (with the exception of the tulle skirt Husby bought, which by the way didn’t go on sale. I checked, naturally. And yes, I’m STILL talking about the tulle skirt – sigh).  And certainly no longwinded rants discussions with cashiers.

I wised up.

Call it fate I recently found happy mister hoot sweater at 75% and leggings… can’t remember what percent, but it was a lot – enough so that we decided to continue our courtship at home.

It pays to shop late December/early January.

You proud of me, Mom? All these years and I’m finally learning!

Happy ending for all.

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