Rootbeer Float Popsicles

First person to remember Husby’s favorite bubbly gets cookies sent to their doorstep. Ok, wait. That’s dumb. The answer is right in the title. Derr. The point is… the guy has a thing for rootbeer, hotdogs, donuts, and blondes (just this one). Why I even bother to make appealing meals is kind of ironic, right?

His birthday stash has come in handy for not only movie nights and popcorn but also for making these frozen yummies. Rootbeer floats, gone popsicle style. Husby, you’re a gem of a guy for sharing your bubbly for this experiment.

As simple as these might look, there was actually some trial and error that took place before we (yes, we… as in, mister always volunteers to give his official stamp of approval) were happy with the end results. Initially I tried to go for a clean layer of roobeer, then ice-cream, then finishing off again with rootbeer. However, we weren’t happy with getting plain bites of just ice-cream or rootbeer. The less precise in layering, caused the two to mix… creating the classic rootbeer float.


1) Soak popsicles sticks in almost boiling water for 30 minutes (this keeps the sticks from bobbing to the top when freezing)

2) Fill a pitcher with chilled rootbeer and cool further in the freezer for 10 minutes

3) Fill molds with rootbeer, a spoonful of vanilla ice-cream, additional rootbeer, and another scoop of ice-cream.

4) Remove excess foam

5) Insert sticks

6) Freeze overnight

7) Place popsicle mold under warm water for 15 seconds to remove popsicles

*Popsicle mold found HERE.


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