Snap Crackle Pop (Day 13)

Rice Krispie treats – quite possibly the easiest treat to make (unless you’re stupie like me and basically burn the marshmallows because your burner is on high and you’re trying to do five things at once and you smell burning and think it’s obviously the 5th piece of toast you’ve made that morning for everyone and the dog and your toddler says, “Ma, smoke over there” which means you’re burning toast AND mallows… ┬ánow two un-edible things at the same time. talent).

Oddly enough, easy as they MAY be, we only seem to make them once a year, on Valentine’s Day!! By the way, MEEEEEP!!! It’s here! Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Sure do love you!

Stamp out hearts using a cookie cutter, poke them in the belly button with a lollipop stick, dip in white chocolate, cover in sparkles (Gage’s vocab is wearing off on me) sprinkles rather, and tie at the base with sweet ribbon.

On a side note, anyone else feel lied to as a child? All those years little elves made me believe my milk had magical powers to make my bowl of cereal talk… Snap! Crackle! Pop!

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