Mom’s favorite Easter treat are Peeps, hands down. Without fail, they’d peep pop up in our Easter baskets EVERY year. The truth? I’d pawn mine off to my sister to keep from gagging. I’m still not a fan… of the store-bought kind, that is. You see, I started making marshmallows a few years back for Christmas cocoa. I was pleasantly surprised at how COMPLETELY different the outcome was. So why not take the same delicious recipe and transform them into Peeps for Easter? Kinda cute, right?

1 – Cut out chicks and bunnies using cookie cutters and place on parchment lined baking sheet

2 – Lightly brush marshmallow with water (or dunk in a cup of water and let excess water drip off). Roll liberally in colored sanding sugar. Return back to baking sheet to dry.

3 – Using a toothpick, dip the tip in melted chocolate and dot for the eye (cocoa powder mixed with water will also work).

4 – Let peeps rest. Dust off any excess sugar before eating or packaging in chocolate nests (bowls).

Chick Cooke Cutter found HERE
Bunny Cookie Cutter found HERE
Colored Sanding Sugar found at Target (seasonal section)

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