Coconut Lime Easter Cake


    • I have a slight fancy for two things: citrus and cake. Okay, so perhaps that ‘fancy’ is more like a problem. But it’s a mighty tasty problem to have, if you ask me. Before you look at the 4 layers and red-flag this one as high-maintenance… just breathe, for a sec. Yes, there are quite a few steps. But more steps means more flavor, friends. And it’s beyond worth it. Make the cake one day. The curd another. And the frosting on the day you plan to eat it.


  • The urge to randomly make homemade lime curd was the inspiration behind this cake. That, and walking down the candy aisle and spotting speckled easter egg candies. The two just had to be united into a cake topped with cute birdies! ha! Shredded coconut serves as a nod to the birds’ comfy nest. Yep, ‘put de lime with de coconut and mix it altogether’ for the sweetest way to complete your Easter feast.


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