Zuppa Toscana

It’s soup season (and Christmas, of course) Meep! Anyone else excited? I mean… not that I’m writing an extra long list to Husby err, Santa or anything.

Soup. Yes, you’re right I have problems with staying focused on one thing longer than 2bites of my cookie (it’s chocolate chip, in case you’re wondering). Cookies coupled with the mistletoe are BOUND to keep me off topic.


While you may not have the unlimited salad or breadsticks to go with it, you can feel good about saving money by making it yourself. It tastes almost identical to Olive Garden’s (not kidding).

Oh and in case you DO want the salad… Sam’s Club now carries Olive Garden’s signature salad dressing (nation wide).

*this recipe is endorsed by Husby.
(every now and again he REALLY likes a recipe and makes sure I tell you HE REALLY likes it… in case it wasn’t clear). ha!

Olive Garden (knock-off) Zuppa Toscana Recipe (PDF version)


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