A slow start is the perfect start.

One with a few extra snuggles and giggles in bed. Just because.

In the kitchen revving car engines, while I scramble eggs and toast toast (topped with honey, of course).

A well rested bug stationed at her morning post: the sunny stairs (and ideal location for watching neighbors, birds, and if she’s lucky – cats).

A quick bubble bath before Daddy heads out the door.

Happy Weekend and Happy February-eeeee!! (clicking my heels over here)

You know what that means…

14 Days of LOVE!

14 Responses to Morning

  • Kelly says:

    Yay! I made your “Love Letter” cookies from last year’s 14 days of love! Can’t wait to see what this year’s 14 days brings! Happy February! xo

  • Chelsey says:

    Totally agree with the slow mornings, they are the best! What type of bath rest is your little one on? I am wanting to phase of the newborn tub, but not sure what to transition to!

  • Missy says:

    Day one of 14 days of (extra) love for my husband and girls. I am amazed at how excited I am to do some special things for them. I hope you have fun with it, too! Thanks so much for your fun blog.

  • Hello, I am 68 yrs. young and find such inspiration @ your entries on Pinterest. Love your enthusiasm for family and you have a wonderful one (including the doggie!). My question is, I would like to purchase the “love letter” molds you presented in a red mailbox for Valentine Day, however I’m not privied to how to do this. Wiliam Sonoma says they don’t have it, and I would pay extra to obtain if I knew how. I don’t know why but they just spoke to my heart that I have to find them, to enable me to bake these delights for my wonderful family & friends this year. Can you help me? I would be so appreciative if you have any ideas on this. Thank you so much. You INSPIRE me to be the best I can be. Linda Moffitt

  • Anna says:

    I too was inspired by the “14 days of love” on pintrest, but could not find the cookie cutter at Williams Sonoma. BUT I did find a similar one at – search “scalloped edge rectangle”. Also ordered the mailboxes from century gifts (although after they arrived WalMart had some similar with hearts on them). The best thing by far was your recipe for sugar cookies! Oh, my! I am a sugar cookie failure, but these turned out perfectly and everyone wanted more! Please thank you mother! Hope this helps others wanting to follow your inspiration!! I wanted my 14 days to be as cute as yours!!!!

  • Brianne Tallant says:

    Love this!! Love slow mornings too! What kind of baby rest do you have in your bath tub? I have a 9 month old that I am trying to phase out of the infant tub and the one used in this post looks great!

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