Laugh ’til It Hurts

What I’d give to be back with these people in this place. A week ago we were on the strip sipping frozen hot chocolate, playing the newly-wed game, sleeping through Cirque’s Ka (oh wait, that was only the guys), and laughing until our guts hurt.

Just looking at the pictures, I can still hear all of us laughing. Brothers, does “covered-wagon” ring a bell?

(An inside joke I’m about to fill you in on. It’s a peeve of us girls. Ironically, all of our boys think it’s funny too… a’hem… rip one under the covers in bed. A lethal bomb of stench awaits us when we hop in! Ew! Sick. And, apparently hilarious!)

Same time next year?!

Miss you guys!

And a very Happy Birthday to Todd today!

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