July 4th

Celebrating started the night before at a baseball game with fireworks. Ryan’s brother’s family flew into town from Las Vegas to help us celebrate. I think the only thing keeping them awake (after 6+ hours of traveling) were the fireworks and pretzels!

The morning of July 4th started with pancake sundaes (just made it up on a whim because sundaes are fitting for birthdays, right?). This is Gage’s plate — hence why all the blueberries are almost all gone.

Lots of sunshine and splashing at the pool for the afternoon. Little Beckam had a little too much fun — wore himself right out.

Stocking up on fireworks and a BBQ dinner. Baby could eat a whole watermelon himself. No really.

Popsicles and throwing “snap-its” to warm up before busting out the big-dog fireworks. Who would’ve thought the “flying-pig” would’ve had all of our kids in tears, bolting straight back to the house. CRAZY loud. Sparklers were more their speed.

A simple 4th with family — one of the best ways to celebrate our Nation and all that she gives us.

Happy Birthday ‘Merica!



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