Hospital Bag


You say, Hospital Bag, like it’s a synonym for anxiety attack. Okay, so maybe it is and maybe it is. But it doesn’t NEED to be. Take it from my first go around. I was one of those. The OVERLY prepared type. Surprise you much?

My bag was packed a month in advance, Husby had his own checklist waiting beside the bed (you know… in case I was delusional during labor or something horrifyingly worse). And the car! Oh mercy! Packed to the brim like we were going on a cross country road trip!

It was actually quite comical and slightly ridiculous all at the same time. But we were newbies. Still are, kinda.

With less than 2 weeks away, last week’s stabbing pains had me freaking out just a smidge. Like…

Um, little buddy? You listening down there? We’re not ready quite yet, remember? My hair needs to be cut and colored. And then there’s the house that needs vacuuming at least another dozen times or so. Not to mention, you’re still nameless. Oh yeah. And the whole hospital bag. About that…

Take it or leave it (literally), I thought I’d give you a peek into what has transformed into my hospital essentials.

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