Happy Holidays, My Dear

This year’s card was inspired by warmth and whimsy. After all, nothing is closer to my heart than my boys (and for some odd reason, their little feet too).

Looking at these pictures brings me to tears. I’m truly humbled to have so much love and joy in my life. It’s this love: love for those dear to us and love for whence those blessings came, that makes us remember what’s most important in our lives. May we make an extra effort to acknowledge the beauty in such blessings. To savor the laughs that are more present. The tingles that come from listening to beautiful music. The awe of wonder on a child’s face gazing at a glistening tree. The cuddles while reading Christmas stories. The sweet smiles on strangers faces. A renewed hope that all things are possible. That we are loved by many and have much to rejoice in.

Happy Holidays, my dear!

My heart is truly touched by the talented women whom I had the privilege of working with. A special thanks to Brandy Cardarelli Photography and Anders Ruff Custom Designs for giving me the greatest gift this season, captured memories.

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