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Happy Fifth, B!

May 16, 2017

Both you and your brother promised me not to age older than five years. But somehow you just keep on growing! Stop it, already. It was the perfect day celebrating you: donuts, a trip to your favorite toy store, an impromptu photoshoot with your birthday balloon (it’s the only thing you really wanted — speaking of the balloon and not the pictures, of course!), a pizza parlor for lunch followed by candy vending machines for dessert, a pool party with a burro piñata that wouldn’t break for anything, and watermelon popsicles for your birthday treat (because watermelon is STILL very much your jam)! Thank you for being the life to our family’s party! We love you, B-man!

Some Things We’re Loving About You:

Your personality is second to none. You snuggle like a cuddly kitten. You say “ok” to almost anything we ask of you. When you disagree with something you swish your hair back and forth with an exaggerated swish to the right in efforts to keep your bangs out of your face! When you’re bothered with your sister, you say, “CHUUUB!” and nothing else. Without fail, every morning your very first decision is to snuggle and kiss me good morning.When you want to tell us something but don’t want to forget it, you say, “I have a word!” Your voice is still absolutely adorable and innocent. Your laugh is like the happiest confetti ever created. If there was an award for the most witty sayings, you’d win first place. We’re constantly writing down the things you say because you’re hilarious! Case and point: “Why do some people have playgrounds in their yard? Guess they think the park isn’t that fun.” Or, “If I get sucked up into a tornado, it’ll be ok because the angels will be swirling around with me.” or “How come my tummy is full but my mouth is still hungry?” or “It’s better to pick your nose than lick your shoe.” But guess what? You’re equally as sweet as you are funny: “The clouds are beds for angels.” Or “When I smile at the sun, the sun smiles back.” I’m the recipient of at least ten kisses or loves a day — you never let me forget how much you love me. You’re still a shoe and hat guy. You love the American flag. Anytime you see a dandelion you run out of your way to pick it for me. I have a collection on my nightstand because I can’t think to throw them away. You’re excited for your new baby sister and always mention your desire for her to be healthy in all of your prayers. Watermelon is your favorite fruit and lemonade is your favorite drink. ‘Chick-a-la’ is still your number one requested place to eat out. Pennies and marbles are your lucky tokens (which are frequently found in your pocket) and you’ll give one away if you want someone else to have good fortune. You have many nicknames but Beck is not one you’re fond of — you’ll correct anyone with saying your full name in reply. You prefer popsicles and ice-cream over any baked good. Pizza and hot dogs still reign supreme. Checkers is one of your favorite games to play and you get that ‘back-of-your-throat’ chuckle that sneaks out anytime you jump another player! Ha! You love water balloons and bubble baths. Your concern for others is always evident by your willingness to give. You’d rather wait for your brother to be with you before doing something fun. Or if you and I get a treat, you’ll make sure to get one for your brother too and wait to eat yours until you’re reunited with him again. Naps are our favorite time to talk together — you’ll cuddle in close, we laugh while taking pictures together, and spend as long as we want asking each other questions! It’s my favorite way to spend time with you! When you get frustrated with Daddy you “tell on him” to me — making us all laugh every single time. We love your little teeth and have come to adore the space where you’re missing the one you lost last summer. You have definite ideas about things including the spiritual. You’ve always been close to Him and have a strong security in knowing where you’ve come from and how close heaven is in our every day life. Your feelings are easily hurt; but you forgive just as easily. If you feel misunderstood a hug and a comforting word is all you need to be reassured everything will be ok. Writing your own name very neatly is something you’re proud of. You’re reluctant to work but as soon as you get going you never want to stop — it’s reassuring you understand the value of hard work. For being such a softy you’re ability to ‘grin and bear it’ during tough times is such a gift. Your accident last summer and your broken arm just a few weeks ago… never a single complaint. Even when it hurt and doctors had to do uncomfortable things your resilience and good attitude despite it all is something to be proud of. You can make the most complicated train tracks connect in the most creative of ways — tunnels and bridges and winding turns this way and that. You see life beautifully and find beauty in the small things. When the fall leaves twirl you describe them as ‘dancing’. You love nature and all creatures bring a smile to your face. Your brother is your best friend. You trust him, respect him, and love to ask him questions at bedtime. One of our favorite things to do is eavesdrop outside your door to listen to all the wonderful things you two talk about. I’ll never forget you asking him how Santa Claus is chosen. You reached the conclusion that he must be friends with Heavenly Father and that’s why he loves children so much. Your ‘bun-bun’ is still your right-hand man and you can’t go to sleep without him. You’re the sunshine on a cloudy day and always bring a smile to our hearts. We love you more than words. Stay you, little Beck-a-boo.


  • Reply Jenedy May 31, 2017 at 2:31 am

    Such a beautiful tribute. Hope to meet him someday! Happy Birthday B man!

  • Reply Laura May 31, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Happy Birthday to B!!

  • Reply Amber May 31, 2017 at 2:25 pm


  • Reply Helena Antunes June 1, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Lovely words!!
    Happy birthday B.
    May the sun always shine for you.
    Kisses from Portugal

  • Reply Debbie S. June 1, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    He is the most adorable big boy! Happy Happy birthday! Something tells me he will always think his mom is the best! He is blessed to have you and your husband for parents too!

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