H2T Target

Head 2 Toe Target: mossimo clearance flannel (men’s size small), mossimo baseball henley (men’s size medium), merona clearance knit beanie (men’s $2 steal), xhilaration wedge high tops (metallic gold – clearance price in stores), xhilaration jeggings (old), watch – michael kors, necklace – gifted, ring – golden bear


Even thinking about Target costs me 50 bucks. What’s wrong with that place? The red bullseye is more or less a warning sign to stay clear: everything inside is cute!

Somehow I managed to get distracted (yet again) from my shopping list and found myself lost amidst the men’s clearance racks. To my benefit, I was looking for Husby. Nothing in his size and EVERYTHING in mine. So what does a girl who is surrounded by all boys do?

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Buy boy clothes, that’s what.

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