Doughnuts With Dad

This pretty much sums up my personal definition of happiness. I could tear up at the drop of a sprinkle. Seriously, nothing else matters.


The little things I cherish about these pictures that are easily overlooked:

Gage’s little voice deciding which donut he wants. You see, he ALWAYS picks chocolate with sprinkles… but the internal debate he verbalizes is quite cute.

A side profile that perfectly outlines his turned up nose, long straight lashes, and adorably perfect ears.

The selection of donuts that clearly take sides. Misters eat left. The Misses eats right. Although, we ALL know they fight over eating them ALL.

The cherub baby in a little puffer vest, who clearly looks as if he lives off a “doughnut only” diet. No, he hasn’t tasted one. Yet.

A fuzzy head that begs to be sniffed.

A proud Daddy that only bites his lip when he can’t get enough – evidence that he loves his family more than anything in the world. Of course, a close second are doughnuts.


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