Pumped Up Kicks

…All the other kids with their pumped up kicks studded kicks better run… faster than my glue gun.

I was inspired by THESE (which also happen to come in leopard print). But I wasn’t about to dish out the dough for another pair. So? I made some. AND (might I add) when you get asked who they’re by… You can say, “Yours truly.” Flash them a smile and a wink or two, followed by a, “No, I’m not even joking!”

Kinda fun playing DIY designer, huh?

Links To:   Flats    Glue (or hot glue)  Chalkboard Pen    8mm Pyramid Studs

The pack of studs I bought happened to come with a few snazzy extras (booya). Rather than let my munchkin use them for matchbox car speed bumps, I decided to spruce up an old cardi. I followed the same process as the shoes; however, after the e6000 glue dried, I ironed the backside of the pocket to adhere securely.



Gold Chain Necklace – gifted
Leggings – Zara
Cardi – Nordstrom Rack
Watch – Michael KorsiconHigh-low Metallic Tank – Nordstrom – similar HERE

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