Spring Sachets

Keep your linens smelling of spring long after your cleaning is finished. These simple sachets are perfect for stuffing in your intimates drawer or tucking under your pillow. Unlike Husby’s recommendation, as he snatched up 3, they’re too sweet to toss into a dirty gym bag (maybe febreze is a better solution for that magnitude of stench, babe.)

Fabric swatches
Cut fabric into 3X2 inch rectangles. The ones I used can be purchased HERE. Using old tshirts, shirts, or any lightweight fabric would also work (fabric needs to be lightweight so aroma can be smelt). Don’t want to doll yours up? Simply pour the lavender into a sock and tie the top in a knot.
Dried Lavender or Any Dried Herbs
1 cup can be purchased HERE or at any natural food store
Embroidery Floss
I purchased mine HERE. Make sure to double your strands before stitching to achieve contrast
Fabric Sheers
Fray Check
Apply to edges of fabric once completed. Can be purchased HERE.

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