DIY Floral Headband

Some of the best DIY’s come from wanting something you can’t have shouldn’t rationalize paying $50 for some braided leather and silk flowers. The cutest little shop in Malibu had such a headband. And it was OH so cute! But I held my ground, friends. Instead I made this $10 identical triplet (yes, for $10 you can make 3 headbands).

  • INSTRUCTIONS:1) tie a knot towards the end of three pieces of suede leather 3mm wide), leaving a 2 inch tail. 2) tape the knot to a flat surface. 3) braid until completed, again leaving a 2 inch tail, and knot. 4) using hot glue, glue silk flowers onto braid. be sure to carefully tuck the base of the buds between braided strands of leather. 5) let cool completely. 6) wrap around head and tie to secure. Suede (3 pack of colors) and silk flowers purchased at Michael’s.


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