Dish Towel Apron

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, I pulled, rather, sewed a little something together. Call me vintage, but I’m a believer Moms would still prefer a homemade gift (even from their grown children).

This simple dish towel half apron foot the bill.

And just to clear the air, I’m not a sewer. Or is the more correct term, seamstress? See? Clueless.

Don’t even own a sewing machine (hint hint, husby. push present?)

Thankfully, I received lots of help from friends with sewing experience AND machines.

Oh and the pockets make the perfect place for filling with sweet little trinkets or gizmos like… chocolate mug cake, measuring spoons, chocolate, and of course, a card. Simply fold the apron on top of itself and tie the strings to create a cute little package!

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