Cocoa Critter

Rummaging through my favorite antique store, I stumbled upon these cute little critters. I just HAD to have them for something. The owner asked, “What are you using these for?” I told her I wasn’t exactly sure quite yet. She then told me that they (known as Wade Whimsies) used to come as added gifts inside English tea boxes.

And then it came to me! Since they’re already glazed and fired, they’d be perfect at the bottom of a cup! Hiding beneath a full cup, until sip by sip, the little creature appears… perfect for playing a game of peek-a-boo with the drinker!

  • After doing some research, I’ve found that gorilla glue (original version) is deemed safe for food contact. It’s used to make cutting boards, salad bowls, and is non-toxic when cured. That being said, I plan to handwash only. Please take this post as my own personal choice but in no way am I a professional (in other words, this is a disclaimer – wink wink). Wade Whimsies can be found in antique stores, ebay, and/or etsy. Espresso cups found at Target ($1.99)


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