Eat My Chocolate Face

… Or run and hide! Yikes!

Seeing as the month love & chocolate is quickly approaching, I found it only necessary to slather it’s glorious goodness all over my face! Okay, so maybe I DID stretch my imagination a bit too far this time. But in my defense, there are hoighty-toighty spas that offer such a thing as chocolate services.

Plus you can indulge guiltlessly without gaining a pound, only silky smooth skin!

Dark Cocoa Powder – high level of antioxidants that promote cell repair, helps firm & prevent wrinkles, high vitamin & mineral content, increased hydration, decreased skin roughness, increased defense of UV damage

Plain Yogurt – contains lactic acid that dissolves dead skin cells, natural antibiotic that kills bacteria, zinc which aids in clearing zits

Salt – shrinks pores, helps exfoliate dead skin cells

Coconut Oil – vit E & K, polyphenols are anti-aging, & fatty acids that moisturize w/o causing breakouts

Dark Honey – antibacterial, helps open clogged pores, helps skin retain moisture

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