Happy Birthday Cake

    • You guys, cake is kind of a big deal around our house, especially when the said cake is birthday cake! When preparing for THIS birthday party, black and white elements lent itself to a cake with extra-white buttercream icing. You know the kind — blinding artificial arctic white, like the bakeries in the stores somehow pull off. Well go figure, the butter in buttercream is yellow not bright white… cue the boo-hoo’s. But that did not deter me. Being a bright blonde, occasionally I use purple shampoo to take the brassiness out when it starts to look yellow. The idea was to apply the same theory to yellow butter, by adding purple food coloring gel. Eureka! It worked beautifully! The result was the whitest-white au’ natural buttercream! Call it beginners luck!


      • As far as adding sprinkles to the frosting and the edible ‘Happy Birthday’ writing, I can not take the credit for that. I searched for ‘edible cake stickers’ and was led to THIS ingenious post, which could not be improved. For the printing of the labels, I used cakes.com. The wording can easily be adapted for any occasion. I created two I thought would be most applicable for your use, below.


    • Happy cake decorating, my friends!