Egg Garden

What do you do with a dozen farm-fresh eggs? Make an egg garden, of course! Oh and reserve the eggs for eating (yes, a recipe is sure to follow). Spring gardening and Easter — you know, it only seemed logical to combine the two! ha!

  • 1. Using a butter knife, slightly tap the top of the eggs to break-off the tops.  Rinse the egg shells (unless you care to create a stench in your house that reeks of rotten eggs).


  • 2. Add potting soil to each egg shell.


  • 3. Select seeds of choice (herbs, produce, and/or flowers)


  • 4. Carefully distribute seeds into potting soil.


  • 5. Cover seeds with additional soil and a teaspoon of water.


Voila! Your egg garden is complete! After a week, the cilantro and basil are already sprouting through! The boys love watching the daily growth and having a “garden” to tend to. Another fun tidbit — eggshells are high in calcium helping plants to grow! Once the seeds are mature enough to plant, simply plant the entire egg (slightly crushing the shell) and let it break down into the soil!

Happy gardening!