Mop or Be Merry?

I’m bot. The iRobot. I sweep and mop. You bake and shop. Beep! Beep!

Instead of Spending Your Time Mopping, Be Merry:

making gingerbread house cookies, baking peppermint brownies, decking the halls, painting piggies in festive colors, mistletoing, browsing festive magazines, or sipping hot cocoa with merry marshmallows!

Bot is my favorite holiday helper for cleaning! I’m amazed at how effectively he cleans — even right up close to walls and baseboards. iRobot is a revolutionary way to clean floors minus the hassle and headache — with two cleaning modes for dry sweeping and wet mopping, whisper-quiet (for use during nap time), and avoids rugs with built-in GPS.

To learn more, THIS video really shows how genius this little guy is!


This post is sponsored by iRobot.