Orange Marmalade

    • I kind of have this thing against canning. Have I actually ‘can-canned’ (no, not in a line-up of girls in stilettos)… But the whole boiling cans, sealing, etc, bit? I haven’t. So I guess I shouldn’t judge it until I’ve tried it; but it just seems like too much work and something about ‘cooked’ oranges that turn bitter doesn’t appeal to me. Instant fresh fruit jams, on the other hand are right up my alley. With oranges in season and only .50 per/lb (no lie, a bag of 10 was $2) I was determined to make a quick and easy fresh orange marmalade freezer jam. The addition of pineapple was kind of a spur of the moment gamble. So was the lemon. But both definitely paid off — the perfect blend of tart and sweet with all the freshness of vibrant fruit, still intact. I call it a little jar of good-morning, sunshine!


  • Oh and few tips: for the zest, use a citrus zester (not a vegetable peeler); it makes for a better texture than your typical orange marmalade. I use THIS pectin. And a blender/food processor reduces chopping time significantly.