Good Morning Granola

  • Is it just me or has granola seemed to lose it’s place on our pantry shelves? In the 1990′s it was “totally all that” — and it’s definitely high time to bring it back, hammer style. Alright home-slice, that’s enough “talk to the hand” slang for one day. But seriously, if we all knew how easy it was to make ourselves, there would be no turning back to sugary store-bought brands. For years our family used THIS recipe; but it was time to switch it up a bit. This new cinnamon vanilla almond granola recipe is crunchier, packed with popping flavor, and is universal enough to use on more than just yogurt and fruit. Try it as a topping for PB and apples, with milk, or even on ice-cream (might I suggest with bananas and caramel – whoa!). I promise, you’ll love it!