Hippity Hoppity

  • Hippity! Hoppity! Easter (and hopefully new baby girl) are on their way! The boys and I snuck-in one last Easter project that we’re so excited to share with you! I must admit however, the whole time I kept thinking, “This is either a really good idea for having some fun; or this is really dumb of me…  I could go into labor any second and my kitchen would be left covered in sprinkles and pom-poms!” Ended up being the first — laughs tossing confetti sprinkles, eating the ones that didn’t make it on top of the cookies, and playing with fuzzy bunny tails all morning long! The meringues are really simple to make and imitate classic cotton candy, but in cookie form. As for the bunny cups, they were inspired after these I found online. But I figured they’d be simple enough to recreate (bunny ears template) while making for the cutest way to transport some Easter cheer to family and friends! Hoppy Weekend!