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  • Lemon Herb Porkloin (blog) (9 of 9)
    Food Main Course

    Lemon Herb Pork Tenderloin

    Fall food is meant to be savored. But a nice rounded meal doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult in order to satisfy! So, go figure… this little tenderloin (oink oink) is on repeat at least…

    November 18, 2015
  • Apple Thyme Waffles (blog) (6 of 16)
    Breakfast Food Holidays

    It’s Apple Thyme… Syrup.

    In November, the smell of food is different. It’s an apple and orange and cinnamon smell. It’s warm and fills up a house in the morning — can pull everyone from sleepy beds. Such is…

    November 4, 2015
  • Edible Eyeball Cookies (blog) (20 of 31)
    Food Holidays

    Edible Eyeballs

    Halloween seems to be one of those holidays that’s slightly more involved — likely our themed family costumes are to blame?! ha! So when choosing fun activities to do with the kids, I tend to lean…

    October 19, 2015
  • PB Banana Muffins cover
    Allergy Free Bakery Breakfast Food

    Blender Baking

    If baking were as easy as blending, I’m pretty sure there’d be more muffins in this donut driven world. Not dissing donuts, in the slightest. You know we INHALE us some donuts on any…

    October 6, 2015
  • Sicilian Pesto cover
    Family Food Main Course

    Table Talk

    It seems only natural to talk to together as a family at dinnertime, right? Terrible but true, sometimes dinner can be more about filling our bellies and moving onto “what’s next”; rather than connecting together…

    September 18, 2015