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Capellini Sicilian Pesto

    • It seems only natural to talk to together as a family at dinnertime, right? Terrible but true, sometimes dinner can be more about filling our bellies and moving onto “what’s next”; rather than connecting together with meaningful conversation. Lately, we’ve been trying hard to make the hours before and after dinner something that’s special for us — toys are shelved, the TV is off, and devices are far away. Since the boys are becoming more independent, we all take part in preparing dinner together. Being mindful of the purpose, it’s easier to plan ahead in finding “little” ways in which little ones can help: washing produce, setting the table, turning on classical music, feeding Lulu, beautifying the table, etc. Having everyone involved well before “it’s time to eat” helps set the tone that this time of day is meant to be savored and enjoyed; and that each member of the family adds value.


    • Last night, we put some extra love into our dinner routine. Translation: we didn’t eat at the bar.  We actually sat down at the kitchen table, lit candles and all! Part of that included teaching our children the components of having a good conversation — such as how to wait their turn to speak, asking thoughtful questions, how to listen to others using eye contact and not thinking about what they have to say while others are talking. And you know what? We connected. Learned more about each others thoughts and feelings. And warm fuzzies were flying around our home.


  • If that weren’t enough, delicious food can make the experience all the more enjoyable. This new pasta recipe I’ve been playing with does not have your “average” Italian ingredients list… uh, the anchovies or dare I say, raisins?! I know. But friends, it’s worth giving it a fork twirl! The combination of fresh seasonal tomatoes with tried and true Mezzetta pasta sauce make this dish oh so delizioso! Psst! Want a chance to have a pasta night with your loved ones + $500 grocery gift card?! Enter at the end of this post!

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