4 Things…

    • First-off, I’m 33 weeks and baby girl still has no name. When you and your husband are both indecisive people by nature, it makes for quite the challenge in coming up with something so permanent! Ack!  Goes to show how much we appreciate all the suggestions you’ve shared on Instagram. Keep ‘em coming, friends! We’re adding them to the list (that’s over 50 names long). No joke!


    • Secondly, most of the country is freezing tush. For whatever reason Colorado decided to boycott the national trend. What kind of mother am I if I can’t promise snowmen in February? I guess I shouldn’t complain about upper 60′s for almost two weeks straight and our long afternoon walks in the sunshine.


    • Third, if I could survive off of lemonade and lemonade alone, I would. Okay and the accompanied Chickfila spicy chicken sandwich – extra pickles, side of ranch, please (my pleasure). Oh and an ice-dream cone to top it off. Whoa.


    • Lastly, can I just say how much a little compliment means to a pregnant woman? Even more so the third time around? It’s truly mind-blowing that your body can house another human being for almost a year. And manufacture it with such precision all while carrying-on normal day-to-day life. I guess being pregnant, I’m more aware of all of my fellow mamas waddling around with swollen feet and aching backs. And most of the time, we pass by and say nothing. But the ones who do, with a quick “you’re looking adorable” means the world (more like UNIVERSE) to us. This whole experience of change, sacrifice, and growth (at a rapid rate, mind you) is a beautiful thing. And those sweet strangers who take the time to stop and acknowledge the miracle that it is. Wow. It’s just the best!


  • Amen.