Tee Spree


    • It’s one of my best kept Summer styling secrets — kickin’ it in men’s tees all summer long…

    • True story: two summers ago I bought a men’s camo tee at Target. It quickly became my fave. Still ranks in my top five, actually. Little did I know, that one purchase would change my mindset on all future summer tee purchases. Men’s prints are usually more unique and fun. Not to mention the fit is almost always perfect: straight through the body (not tight on the tummy – high five!), longer in length, and tend to be more cost effective.


    • A few tips: If the tee has a high crew neck, I like to cut off the front side of the hem into a scoop neck. No need for sewing; cotton or cotton/poly blends allow the edge to roll making for an even more relaxed look. Two, if buying men’s tanks the arm holes are deep. Wearing a tight fitting tee underneath almost gives the appearance of wearing overalls (if that makes sense – if not, I’m willing to demonstrate with an outfit post… just lmk). Three, for sizing, I buy the same size that I do in women’s (either xs or s). With a fun print keep the rest of the outfit simple — distressed denim, a bold lip, sunnies, and you’re good to go! At night, I tend to throw on a baseball cap (depending on the outing) and an oversized cardigan or zip-up hoodie.


  • Yes, girls… if you haven’t already, it’s high-time you buck the system and venture into the uncharted men’s department. You’ll be a changed WO-man. Ha!