Duck Duck Goose!

  • The work week for Ryan can be pretty beastly; so come the weekend, we try to pack-in as much fun downtime as we can. On Sunday we checked-off another one of our summer bucket list items: to feed ducks (and some unexpected deranged geese). It didn’t exactly pan out as your typical duck feed — mindless nonchalant tossing of bread into a pond of well-mannered ducks. Strolling up to the pond we were pleasantly surprised by the massive amount of feathered friends, awaiting our arrival — thirty or so varying breeds of ducks and some unidentified black looking swans of sorts?! But you guys, it was the Canadian geese that ruled the roost. They took the definition of rubbernecking to a whole new level! One glance of sliced bread and they were in hot pursuit to ransack the whole loaf! We’re talking…. GAME ON!! A fixed stare, hoarse hissing, charging necks, flapping wings, and fierce waddles that meant business. SCAR-Y!! We (or should I say, Ryan) immediately waved his white flag of surrender. As with any life-threatening trauma, the details are a bit fuzzy (haha); but I faintly remember Ryan directing me to take the kids closer to the edge of the pond, one level lower to a sidewalk that was shielded from the geese. I did so, with all three in tow, camera strung around my neck, and the bag of bread in one hand raised high above my head clear from any snatching beaks. I fully expected to look back at Ryan warding off the geese (like the knight in shining armor, that he is) or in the very least doing some sort of makeshift attempt to shoo them away. Friends, he was using the stroller as his trusty shield to hide behind! ha! And then from behind the handle bar came a very faint, “Hey… Hey…” followed by two soft claps in efforts to scare befriend them? You guys, I was dying!! The man was deathly afraid of these guys and kept asking if we could just bail-out and go home! Ryan, I love you. And this HAD to be documented as one of the funniest experiences of our married life, together. In the end we held our ground with all appendages still in tact, the geese backed-off enough to feed the rest of the flock, and were able to have an enjoyable rest of our evening together. The boys are already asking if we can go back and do it again! Hands down, this will get filed under “Unforgettable Summer Nights 2015”. haha!