Rags n’ Riches

Getting Hitched

  • It’s like getting hitched all over again; when you get a new wedding ring in the mail!


  • I’ve always wanted a gem as an alternative to wear as a wedding ring. Remember THIS giveaway? Well, I about fainted when I was given the opportunity to design my very own piece from Gemvara! With the countless customizable options — over 20 different natural gems and 9 different precious metals to choose from, it was like playing in a beautiful dream!


  • The three most important factors to me, when selecting a ring were: sparkle, price, and gem size (yes, go ahead and chuckle — I care about these silly things). I knew I wanted a lighter gem that would be versatile enough to wear with any assemble all year round; but with a higher priced ticket, I wanted to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. That, and I can never make a big decision by my lonesome. Indecisive behavior needs a hand to hold, right?


  • The Gemvara online chat literally came to the rescue. I can NOT explain how knowledgeable and helpful they all are in making sure you get EXACTLY what you’re looking for. I went back and forth between a rose quartz and green amethyst — with my limited knowledge the staff at Gemvara was able to explain the advantages and disadvantages to both. Sparkle factor led to the green amethyst! Choosing a less expensive stone allowed for a bigger carat size and stronger metal to make sure all stones were properly protected.


  • And then that was that — 10 days later, it arrived at my doorstep and with all it’s sparkly glory, it hasn’t left my finger since!


  • If you’re in the market for a special piece — whether it be an engagement, anniversary, or any reason to dress in gems; Gemvara is a sure guarantee.


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