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Summering with Seedling

  • On most days you can find us poolside, with everything but the kitchen sink packed along with us! Three kids, you guys. It still doesn’t seem real! But every now and again, it’s nice to spend a whole day at home. This past Saturday I had the boys all to myself. With no agenda (other than to play), we thought we’d dig into their new activities and toys from Seedling. By now, you know I like sharing the things we really enjoy; and Seedling is one of them — a New Zealand based brand that aims to provide high-quality, gender neutral toys and activities that promote open-ended discovery.


  • Since we weren’t headed to the pool, they thought it only made sense to bring the pool to their new friends, spitting frogs! The addition of flowers was their idea giving them pool toys to play with! ha! These cute frogs (and the dominoes below) are part of the ‘Pocket Money Collection’ — an affordable range of novelty items that pack hours of fun with lower price points ranging from $1-15.


  • Raising my hand to confess I’m the one responsible for encouraging a good game of dominoes. They, on the other hand, thought it made more sense to use them for building roads!


    • What’s better than watercolors? Using the froggies’ swimming pool for rinsing your brushes! We spent who knows how long painting, on the back porch. And if you can’t tell by the vibe LuLu is giving, it was a morning of relaxation and imaginative play!


  • Oh and I should mention, we didn’t get around to the ‘Nature Walk Bingo’ activity kit. It may even play to my advantage so I can use it as a reward incentive. Perhaps even used for spotting creatures on a future walk to the pool! ha!


    • Should you like to try Seedling this summer with your little ones, use code: SeedlingPink to receive 25% off your order when you sign up HERE!


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