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Be Mine, Valentine

  • If someone were to tell me my heart was capable of loving them as much as I do, I’d say they were exaggerating. At times, I shake my head in awe knowing they’ll forever be my always. They ask why I laugh — constantly giggling over the daily things that have made this love grow into something extraordinary. Just the other night they were pretending to make pancakes together (I suppose it has something to do with how often we’ve been eating them, lately). ‘Gigi, uh-oh. We need syrup.’ Followed by the tender, ‘Oh don’t worry, Beckam. I know how to make it. It’ll taste super yummy, just wait.’ To hear them play together, makes me giggle. And their daddy. That’s a whole other type of love, altogether. To be cherished by him is the greatest gift I have. My heart… it’s insanely full right now — overflowing with gratitude for the love that’s uniquely ours. Forget fluttering butterflies. I feel the whole zoo! Boys, you truly are my happy. Thank you for letting me love in ways I never knew could be true.