12 Hours

Labor Day

  • Anyone else think having a Monday off is way better than a Friday? No Sunday night blues, rather popcorn and a big bucket of Red Vine licorice for watching movies. Yes, indeedie. The boys started the holiday morning playing 9 holes and then afterwards we headed to my sister’s house for blueberry pancakes (a specialty her husband makes for their family every weekend).  Ry, I wouldn’t mind should you learn to flip a mean flapjack every now and again… wink wink. The afternoon was relaxing soaking up the last bit of summer sun, running through sprinklers in undies (it’s better than naked, I suppose), and Beck watering everything in sight (his favorite being himself). Wrapping up the day, we picnicked in the park until the stars decided to join us. So thankful for my little family and for simple days like this one that remind you that nothing else matters.