Bumps n’ Babes

Disneyland 2015

  • I’m afraid to say… better yet, rather proud to say, we’re turning into those people. Yes, quote unquote, Disney People. The ones who yearn to go back the day after they unpack their suitcases, have ‘Let It Go’ streaming on Pandora, giggle when they put on Mickey PJ’s or mouse ears for no good reason other than to induce smiles, talk about their magical trip on the daily, and of course put ‘annual pass holders’ at the top of their Christmas wish list. Oh friends, it really is the happiest place on earth, especially during the 60th Anniversary! And if any of you are lucky enough to be there right now, ship me a raspberry Mickey Macaron (c’est magnifique!) please?! Or a Matterhorn Macroon, would also suffice. Psst! Both can be found at the Jolly Holiday Bakery on Mainstreet. Also coming soon: a recap of Little Miss Minnie’s first trip to Disneyland!