Bumps n’ Babes

Dear Baby

  • Dear Baby,
    Words seem dauntingly weak in comparison to your complete tenderness. You’re beautiful. In every single way. All that you are radiates joy and light — from the swoop of your turned-up button nose, to your rosy apple cheeks and silky soft hands, all the way down to your dimpled toes. When I lay you down to sleep, your sparkling eyes and beaming smile make it nearly impossible to walk away. Your tiny sneezes (which sometimes you adorably fake). The giggles that erupt when I snack on your neck. The sigh that shadows your love for all things cozy and sweet. Your keen kicks and adorable coos when your eyes meet mine — all make my heart flood with pure affection. You’re inspiring. In every single way. When chaos surrounds you; you create peace. When you yearn; you practice patience. And when you’re pained; you endure cheerfully. I have such a long way to go with the truths you’ve somehow mastered in only your infancy. You’re perfect. In every single way. Your love is honest for all — your brothers, your furry friend LuLu, even strangers. All are warmed by your friendliness. Your nicknames are varied: I call you Dolly; Daddy calls you Angel; Gage sometimes calls you Remington; Beckam calls you Babes; And we all call you RiRi. But most importantly, you’ll always be named: daughter of a Heavenly King who created you in a most masterful way. You’re more than you will ever know; and it pains me to envision a day (that may or may not come) when you unkindly question who you are. If you could only see yourself the way I see you as you are now. My sweetest baby girl, you are everything: beautifully pure, inspiring to many, a true giver of joy, and the only one that will ever be perfectly you. I love you more than words.
    xo Mom