Lovely Gifts

    • 1. Life with love, is a Bowl Full of Cherries! Meep! Picture a cute Valentine sundae and a cherry on top. With two spoons, of course!




    • 4. Keep your love (and iPhone) fully charged with this portable Cell Phone Charger, that fits in your purse for any red-zone low-battery encounter. Genius!


    • 5. A tiny knot with big meaning, to wear around your finger as a constant reminder — a Forget Me Not Ring.



    • 7. Grooming is bonding. Don’t forget your precious pooch needs some love too! I’ve heard amazing things about this Shampoo + Conditioner for Dogs.



    • 9. One of my favorite fragrances by Kate Spade, with notes of citrus, coconut and floral to take with you wherever you go — Live Colorfully.


    • 10. How romantic would it be to receive a Necklace in a Bottle with a hand-written love note inside? Only thing better — to open it together on the beach!


    • 11. We all need Notebooks. This Kate Spade ‘love it, live it’ pair just happen to be extra charming!


    • 12. The key to my heart is a universal ‘wear it everyday, everywhere’ kind of necklace. Of course, the mission of wearing a Giving Keys Necklace makes it all the more special spelled with, ‘Love’.


    • 13. Pucker up, Sweet Lips! Sour gummy candies are my sugar crush.


    • 14. Fondue for Two? Yes, please! It was love at first bite (or dip slash dunk) when my strawberries went swimming in this french chocolate crock!


    • 15. Classic with a touch of sparkle, this hinged Kate Spade Bangle adds some sass to your stack of gold bracelets. Pair it with a smaller bangle that contains a secret message!


  • 16. Made with love in the USA, Andrea Schroder’s Citrus Rose Candle, is a sweet candle with a poetic message all wrapped into one. Check and double-check! Crafted from natural coconut oil wax with the aroma of graceful floral, a touch of blood-orange, and grapefruit, it’s the perfect gift for the romantic at heart.