Pool to Party Makeup


To wear makeup or not — that is the question, when it comes to pool affairs (or the beach for that matter). In my opinion, you’re not wading in the shallow end of the pool, if you choose to wear it. In fact, brands were smart enough to make such products with this intent. Pool makeup slash waterproof — same difference, am I right?

Let’s be honest, here. Summer is all about spontaneity. What if a dinner date turns into a late night dip? Or vice versa, a day at the pool turns into a night out to party? I wouldn’t be caught makeup-less in either situation. But then again, some would call me shallow. I say it’s called, being prepared for any situation. In any case you’re wondering how to pull off a simple look, here are a few of my ‘splash all you want’ makeup products to withstand any watery situation!

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