Haircutting for Boys 101


  • To Review:
  • 1. Determine desired length and adjust guards accordingly
  • 2. Flowbee all hair with base facing horizontal all over the head. Repeat flipping the base in a vertical position, again, all over head.
  • Tip: You’ll know you’re finished with the flowbee when you can no longer “hear” hair being cut.
  • 3. Use clippers with a 1 inch guard. Start at the base of the neck and gradually angle away from the crown. Repeat all over head.
  • 4. Go over the entire “clipped” area in a diagonal direction. Repeat on the adjacent diagonal.
  • Tip: You will know you’re finished with the clippers when you can no longer “hear” hair being cut.
  • 5. Use hair sheers to trim the neck, around the ears, and bangs.
  • 6. Blend the line around the crown with the scissors in a vertical position while cutting.
  • 7. Style using a pomade and hairspray.
  • 8. Reward with a treat.


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