Sleep Better…

  • Good sleep is a necessity; but sometimes it feels more like a luxury if I can get even 6 restful hours a night. Last year, when we moved cross-country, we decided it was time to upgrade from a queen to king-sized bed. With a growing family and kids that like to snuggle, it just made sense to have more wiggle room. In the haste of our move, we rushed into buying a mattress, without doing much research beforehand. Knowing we spend almost half of our lives in bed… the logical thing to do is invest the appropriate amount of time and money into such an important purchase! But at the time, the only thing I paid much attention to was how my back felt in the morning. Our old queen was much too soft for my sensitive back. So we thought the obvious solution was to get a firmer mattress. And that we did. Guess what?! It’s too hard. And now I’m left feeling like a grown-up goldilocks hopping from bed to bed, trying to find the right fit. A few weeks ago, SLEEP NUMBER® reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in learning more about getting a good night’s sleep. The timing couldn’t have been better.  We gladly accepted and made it a family field trip for all of us! After all, an interactive bed (call it a smart bed, because that’s what it is) just sounded like fun!


  • We started our educational experience with cold drinks and then an invitation for the boys to try the SleepIQ Kids™ bed! One of the initial features that piqued my interest was learning that the bed can be tilted — my kids always need to be propped up with pillows anytime they’re sick or have a cold; having this feature eliminates all that. Also, the parents have complete control over the whole experience (since when do I have complete control over anything? I’ll raise the roof to that). You can adjust their Sleep Number setting down or up to determine the level of firmness, until they’re old enough (or responsible enough, for that matter) to do it for themselves. You can even set preferences to be notified when your child gets out of bed! WHAT?! Little Butterscotch’s midnight stunts of sneaking out, be GONE! There’s also a handy feature of a nightlight that illuminates from under the bed as soon as the child steps out. No more scary restroom runs. All of this is like something out of a Jetsons cartoon — pretty awesome, right?!


  • The bed starts at 100% firmness and then with one stroke you can dial it down according to preference. Say your child typically sleeps best at a Sleep Number setting of 30; but then suddenly hits a growth spurt and based on sleep results is tossing more at night… SleepIQ® technology in the SleepIQ Kids™ bed tracks children’s sleeping habits so that you gain knowledge in knowing what is their affecting sleep. With the growth spurt, simply change the setting up or down for a few nights and see how sleep improves. SleepIQ Kids™ bed is the only bed in the world that adjusts with children as they grow.


  • When it was my turn to try it out, I was surprised at how unaware I am about knowing whether my body is comfortable. I laid down at immediately thought, “Wow, this is so comfy! SOLD!” But I was taught that finding the right Sleep Number setting for my specific body is a process. I was asked if I could initially feel any pressure anywhere on my body. I wasn’t sure how to respond. I wasn’t sure?! See I’m not used to paying attention to how my body feels in bed. She dialed the Sleep Number setting down and told me to tell her when it felt like heaven. As I melted into the bed, I could feel my body relax and let go, “Stop! It feels like clouds.” I have a Sleep Number setting of 25. We then looked at a detailed analysis of pressure points and how that pressure melted away as we dialed down.


  • I had to ask the age old question, “So what about flipping the mattress? And do I need to buy another one in 8 years like you’re supposed to do with regular mattresses?” The answer is worth it’s weight in gold — only SLEEP NUMBER® beds have DualAir™ technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. The mattress uses air rather than springs (so no need for flipping) and can easily be unzipped and vacuumed out to keep clean (no need to repurchase every 8 years)!


  • Say by chance you like to sleep on your stomach or side? DualAir™ technology adjusts to fill in the gaps and curvature of your body to keep your spin aligned and keeping you sleeping soundly.


  • Here’s Ryan putting SleepIQ® technology to the test, for himself. He always thinks I get hyped over anything and everything until he can try it for himself. With SLEEP NUMBER® beds being smart, all you have to do is lay down and special sensors inside measures everything else: body pressure, breathing rate, average heart rate, when you toss or turn… There’s nothing to turn on or plug in, just sleep. When you wake up, you can see the results and learn more about your sleeping habits and how to improve them.


  • For a guy who thought we were polar opposites in bed preferences, we’re actually fairly compatible (match made in heaven, haha) with our Sleep Number settings — I’m a 25 and he scored a 35!


    • All of us just wanted to stay until it was time for nap time! Getting up after laying on one of these beds just makes you long to get back in. Ryan even joked, “The only problem about buying a Sleep Number bed will be that I won’t want to get out of it!” He was politely corrected, “Actually, you’ll be ready to hop out of bed in the morning! Because for the first time in your life, you’ll actually feel fully rested.”