Rags n’ Riches

5 Things…


    • It’s borderline embarrassing how often I’m wearing this gauzy top. It feels like the sea breeze — that is, if the ocean air were to be put into clothing form. Uh… that’s a weird comparison. Anyway, this shirt might also explain why the Trader Joe’s associates know me by name, “All hands on deck! It’s Missy, in that red shirt again, making her second run at the tasting table!” So what’s one to do? Obviously buy the top in another color — an element of surprise, if you will. Gotta keep those Trader Joe folks on their toes! Hey, it could be worse… say, kitty-cat adult onesie pajamas? Definitely not going to beat myself up over this one.


    • Two, it’s birthday season at our house.  So when you ask, “What kind of party do you guys want?” and they reply, “BOWLING!” you quickly realize maybe you shouldn’t have asked in the first place. Because let’s be honest, there are only so many ways to dress-up bowling pins and balls for a birthday party. So don’t get your hopes up, friends. It should be interesting. The big combined birthday bash is hopefully happening this weekend (weather permitting). Cross your fingers for some sunshine, for us?


      • Speaking of the boys, we’ve been trying our hand at homeschool. As a former elementary teacher, I’m considering it a trial-run for this upcoming fall. Does that mean we’re homeschooling for Kindergarten? I’m not 100% sure yet; just experimenting with it and having a blast exploring concepts they want to learn about. Anyone out there an experienced homeschooler with some helpful insight? We’re trying a classical mixed with montessori approach, if you want to get technical.


    • And because so many of you are too kind for your own britches (thank you for the e-mails, by the way!) here’s a health update: still on diet restrictions — generally speaking… no sugar, gluten, or dairy. And you know what? We’re slowly doing better. All you paleo people out there, I have a new-found respect for you! You’re really onto something… zucchini pasta with quinoa meatballs? Delish! So is chocolate cake with gooey ganache topped with whipped cream and candied nuts (in my dreams). No, really though, our family is learning new ways to be healthier through this little obstacle and we’re happier because of it!


  • Lastly, my dolly is the best baby known to motherhood. She smiles ’round the clock. And you guys!!! She only wakes up once during the night! I find myself waking up multiple times in full-blown hotflash-night-sweating-panic, wondering if she’s still alive. Thankfully, the sound of tiny inhaling snorts coming from the bassinet, assure me she’s sleeping in pure piglet bliss. I’m one lucky Mama!