Bumps n’ Babes

The Crack of Dawn

  • shoes: nike (similar) | pants: c/o albion fit | tank: denver airport | hoodie: bp (on sale)
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  • 3:00 am. Not exactly the way most people choose to start their Sunday. Threw on some clothes, packed breakfast, grabbed a few flashlights, and we were off! The car ride to the mountains consisted of ‘would you rather’ scenarios. You know, for instance, ‘… Would you rather fight off a rattlesnake or mountain lion, if given the choice?’ And then, in true Ryan fashion, we got lost trying to find the parking lot — somehow my brother’s childhood memories of the exact location saved the day (even in pitch black darkness). Only 10 minutes into the hike, we reached a crest that unfolded a twinkly view of the city — just the encouragement we needed to turn off the flashlights and hike by the light of the moon. There’s something so invigorating about hiking in silent air — simply enjoying the quiet and the good company around you. That is until your brother describes his current body temp as, ‘My sweatpants are getting spicy!’ and then all erupt in laughter that echoes down the mountain. At one point, I was rather antsy at the possibility of not making it to the top before sunrise. Naturally, with great gusto, I took the lead — rearing us right off the designated path. There was some skepticism by everyone else; but I reassured them, “Friends, don’t worry. Clearly most people don’t make it this far. That’s precisely why the path is less obvious.” And with that, there were no further questions … until, we ran right into a solid wall of boulders! ha! After backtracking a bit, we managed to find our way back to the path. Huffing and puffing and making predictions about which body part was going to be the most sore the following morning — we kicked it into high gear for the rest of the way! We reached the very top just as a sliver of sun peeked above the horizon. You know what? It’s the first time I’ve literally seen the crack of dawn. And it’s something else. Something I’ll always remember.



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