Bumps n’ Babes

Gone Fishing

    • Along with roasting marshmallows and this night, fishing in the mountains made it onto our summer bucket-list! Embarrassingly enough, being “city-folk” we didn’t have a fishing permit, poles, or even the slightest idea where to go. Apparently, the swimming pool doesn’t allow it? Ha! Ry did some research and found a place where we could rent the poles (a dollar each… holla!) with promises of them doing the dirty part… uh, gut the fish. Ick! We didn’t need anymore convincing than that — sold! On the car ride up, we weren’t quite sure how long we’d be able to hold-off the “…Are we there yet’s?” But the gorgeous scenery, good conversation, and our staple bun-bun snacks (you know how my boys are about bunnies) from Annie’s Homegrown was all we needed to keep on smiling. The two big rainbow trout dinner souvenirs weren’t too bad, either! We had so much fun, we plan to make it an annual family fishing tradition!


  • This post is sponsored by Annie’s Homegrown.