Bumps n’ Babes


It was a beautiful Easter — sunshine, friends, jellybeans, and two new stuffed bunnies to add to our growing collection. First thing when Gage awoke, asked if it was time to look for eggs and if he could go meet the Easter bunny! First things first — church and then the egg hunt. I’m not sure if Beck was just tired or downright bewildered at all the colorful eggs poking out of the bushes; but he just stood there watching Gage fill his basket (which if you know B, that’s quite the opposite from his typical whirlwind nature). However, once he caught on that candy was inside, he collected a few and then parked it on the front steps to munch in the shade. In lieu of traditional ham and potatoes, the boys requested a brunch of sorts. Afterwards, we lingered around the table talking together, read stories with Grandma Marsha, and then took the bunnies out for some fresh air to watch the sun fade. It was a wonderful day and I’m thankful to have spent it with my favorite little family.


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