Bumps n’ Babes

Create with Kiwi Crate

    • Yes, it’s true there are all sorts of subscriptions nowadays; but this one’s just for the kidlets! Kiwi Crate sends all the materials in one box needed for 2 or 3 hands-on creative and educational projects for kids — everything from art, science, games, imaginative play, even their own ‘Explore’ magazine filled with extension activities that relate to that months theme!


    • This month we partnered with Kiwi Crate and were sent the ‘Let’s Bake’ theme (other themes can be seen HERE). It was the perfect timing for me to keep the boys occupied during a chilly day when we had to stay indoors. Actually, it would be the perfect activity to keep them busy once baby arrives, too! I can’t tell you how excited they were to open their very own package filled with stickers, icing, and crayons — pretty sure they thought it was their birthday! But then again, the whole cake and candles bit probably sparked the idea! ha!


    • I loved that it came with two projects so there was enough to go around for both of them, plus free shipping and the option to add-on sibling materials in case we needed double supplies.


    • I’m definitely regretting not taking a video of them following the step-by-step picture instructions. You guys, it was the cutest. “See? We need to do this next. But be careful, it looks like it could get messy.” My mama heart was full of giggles galore!


  • Should you like to try it with your kids, Kiwi Crate is generously offering 30% off your first month subscription with code: PP30 (applies to any type of crate; excluding sibling add-ons). You can order HERE!

  • This post is in partnership with Kiwi Crate. And don’t forget to save 30% off your first month subscription with code: PP30 HERE.