Ding Dong! It’s Bark Box! (closed)

  • Friends, it’s me! LuLu. Go figure mom packed up my entire basket of toys and hair bows during the big move. Like any princess would do, I whimpered about it for awhile. But life hasn’t been all that ruff. I have my brother, Baxter, close by to bark around with. Tonka, the next door bulldog, is usually our favorite target of choice. We have all sorts of fun together — sneaking into the garbage on hunts for dirty diapers, curling up on the couch together, even sharing the same water bowl. But at times, I think he forgets I’m his sister. All the bum sniffing really gets under my fur. All brothers have their annoying habits, I suppose.

  • Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, my favorite toys went MIA. And then one day a ring came at the doggie door. A monthly puppy package subscription — a Bark Box addressed to little ‘ole me. For only $18 a month, it’s quite the pick-me-up.

  • If you think I’m letting my eyes and paws off my new apple cobbler bones, guess again. For if I do, surely my chow-hound brother will devour them all.

  • I smell full-sized, formaldehyde-free, mixed with organic chicken, apples and cinnamon, and bully stick a’la mode! What? I need a napkin to wipe my drool?

  • I might not be able to ‘play dead’ or skate around the block, but how many pups do you know that can smell a quality squeaker from a mile away? The soft fleece is an added luxury I certainly appreciate.

  • Keep my eye on the treats. Keep my eye on the treats. I better bury these bones in the backyard and fast, or else …

  • (crunch, munch, wag)


  • LuLu, swear on your doggy grave you won’t tell a single human I ate dessert before dinner — it’d be the dog house for me, for sure!

  • Last one to squeak the squeaker, is a dirty dog!

  • Word at the dog park is you can’t be trusted to eat just one. I should’ve known.  Next month, I’m taking my Bark Box to an undisclosed location. (sigh) I hope August comes soon!

  • In case you’ve forgotten, they don’t call me LuLu Lovebug for nothing — I spread love like fleas. And that means for you and your pooch too (the love, that is … without the fleas)!


  • So, Bark Box is giving away a 6 month subscription to one lucky dog!


  • To Enter The Giveaway: simply go HERE and register with your (the human’s) email address. Then come back and answer the following questions about your best friend in the comment section: “What was the first trick you taught your dog? What is one trick your dog could never quite master?” Open to US/Canada shipping addresses only. Giveaway ends 7/24.


  • Paws and Kisses,
    xoxo LuLu