All That Glitters is Gold

April 7, 2017

Love-love, you’re two! And you truly are the glitter that makes our life absolutely golden! Happiest Birthday, little angel. xo

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Some of the things you love and others that we love about you:

You still love oranges. In fact, you’d eat at least two whole ones by yourself if we let you! Blueberries are also another favorite. You’re a natural lover of ALL animals but dogs rank supreme. You’ll squeal for the tiniest puppy all the way up to the biggest labrador — in your eyes, all are equally as cute. Taking after Daddy, you also enjoy french fries, hot dogs, ice-cream, and candy. You show you’re approval with big eyes and “nums” or “nummy!” You’re almost completely potty-trained. We were shocked that at 16 months you started telling us you were ready. The Grinch is incredibly terrifying to you; as well as balance balls and a battery-operated pig that snorts! When you say ‘bye’ its with a drawl. Your feet are still the tiniest. And you’d have a whole closet full of shoes, if it were up to you. You already enjoy trying them on at the store. You love to “pitter-patter” and dance around the house in your shoes just to hear the noise. Accessories (namely hats of any kind, ‘pretties’ which are bracelets, and sunglasses) are your thing! In answering a yes or no question, you’ll answer the affirmative with a “mmmm-hmmm” that everyone dies over. You use your hands to express yourself — think darling Minnie Mouse type of waves and blown kisses. Speaking of, she and Mickey make you smile from ear to ear. When it comes to characters, Paddington is an equal favorite. Every bear in every book is referred to as a Paddington. You’d watch that marmalade-loving bear every morning if I’d let you. And most of the time, when you ask, I approve because the way you say his name is too adorable to say “no” to — three distinct syllables with an extra emphasis on the d’s. Jamberry is your favorite book. Just like your brothers used to do, you tense up, clench your teeth, give a little grunt, and shake when you REALLY love something! That normally goes for LuLu. You love her and aren’t shy about showing it, “Uh, LuLu-buggy are you??” You say “welcome” rather than “thank you” and we all adore it. A kiss is always followed by a ‘smooching’ sound effect (that goes for air-kisses to Lulu too). Love pats on the legs, arms, and especially the face (that you grab and bring to yours). Another heart-melter? When we prompt you to say, I love you… you blow kisses instead. Going potty you say, “plop” followed by “candy” — you know the drill. You stop strangers in their tracks with your friendly waves. When you’ve been separated from any of us for an extended period of time, you make it known you’ve missed us by shouting our name, giving a love pat, and if we’re extra lucky… a little side-to-side jig to go with it. You love to show off anything you think is pretty (shoes are always first, followed by anything like a bow or sparkly adornments). Anytime I paint my nails, you want yours painted too. And afterward, you show all the boys in the house. You smile with your eyes, just like oldest brother. Blankie and baby doll “bebe” are always by your side. You’re a quick learner and have several songs taken to memory. You’ll give a high-five or a pound it. When you were an infant, you had a tendency to suck your bottom lip. You still do, especially when you’re tired. Dancing and singing are already strong suits. Giggling is your forte. “Spice” is your word for any carbonated beverages. Your legs have thinned but I’m hanging onto your pudgy snowman fingers (three clearly rolly-polly defined sections) for dear life. The way you keep your eyes closed during prayers until the ‘amen’ is said. You’ve never had a ‘bad day’ in your life. Even when you’re tired, when most would have a melt-down, you get extra giggly. You have a special place in your heart for each and every one of us. And it’s clear we all have a different place that’s uniquely our own. You know how to love unlike anything any of us have ever seen. You love others, you love jesus, you love creation, you love LIFE! We constantly shake our heads in amazement that you’re really ours. It seems you’re too good to be true; but that’s just you.


  • Reply Amber April 7, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    I love when you write these posts! You beautiful mama!!! I love hearing about all of your beautiful children!! It makes me reflect on my own and inspires me to live life with more intention as a mother!❤??

  • Reply Becky Henderson April 7, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Happy Birthday! I love the glitterfied chubby legs. It so makes me miss that stage! <3

  • Reply Anna April 7, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    She truly couldn’t be any sweeter! Or more adorable! We love you little one! Happy #2!!!

  • Reply Amanda April 7, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    She is an absolute dream! Happy Birthday Sweetheart xo ?

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