25 Days of Christmas

“Nuh uh! It’s MY turn! YOU got to yesterday! I’m telling Mom! MOM?!? Tell her…” And so began the 25 days of bickering. It wasn’t so much about the chocolate behind the tiny door, but more about who got to flaunt eating the morsel in front of the other siblings.


Fond memories, I tell you.

And Mom? Don’t worry. The bickering wasn’t your fault. Blame the 100+ old advent tradition of eating 25 chocolates.

Starting this year, we’ve come up with an alternative. It’s all about sharing Christmas together as a family. Each day, a tag on the banister is turned over to reveal the activity we’ll complete together.

No guarantees it’ll be full of lovie-dovies. Yeah, Ryan’s going to be stoked on December 5th – Santa bubble beards? HA!

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    • missy says:

      It’s been fun so far. It’ll be something that as the kids get older they can help come up with the activities. Thanks, Leigh.

  • Laura says:

    This will be our first year doing the advent ideas too…I love to see the ideas that are out there and you’ve got some cute ones. Others that we have that may be enjoyed:
    *Picnic by the Christmas tree or slumber party by the tree for older kids
    *Mary and Joseph dinner (fish, bread, nuts, fruit, grape juice, etc.)
    *Go shopping and each fam member pick out a new ornament
    *Start a holiday coloring book, color a page each year and date it.
    *Elf hunt
    *Learn about other countries Christmas traditions
    -love ya!!

    • missy says:

      Awesome additions. Definitely going to have to incorporate some of these for next year. Having taught christmas traditions around the world. It’ll be fun to teach my own kid lets when they’re old enough. LOVE the mary/joseph dinner idea.

  • I love this idea! I think original ORIGINAL advent calendars were more like this than chocolate – the chocolate is a recent addition, go figure – in today’s society we can find a way to ruin everything! 😉

    I love how your ideas are so community- and family-based. In recent years our family realized we were being gluttonous with how many gifts we give and receive, so we have started doing Secret Santa, where we just buy one family member one gift, and then we set a budget ($100 per gift). We then match that budget – $100 each – and give it to a different charity each year. It makes the holidays mean so much more and we don’t end up with a bunch of stuff we never use! This advent calendar will have to be worked into our tradition somehow!

  • Aneta says:

    I love you great ides! We have advent calendar for years and every year I want to make some extra surprises for the day , love your great tips, and snowman soup is going on calendar asap :)

  • Serena says:

    I LOVE this! I can remember the fights over the advent chocolates too in our household, so this is a perfect idea. I am mentally bookmarking this for when I have children!

    • missy says:

      Those fights got pretty wicked at our house.Why not try it with the pup? Ok. You’re right. That could be a bit ridiculous especially on Dec. 5th.

  • Bre says:

    I must say, I am an anti-blog follower but I am breaking my own rule to follow you! Someone linked you on pinterest (I forget what for because I have read so many of your post in the last two days) and I can’t stop reading! Maybe because we have a lot in common or maybe because you remind me so much of my best friend who lives so very far away:( Either way, I am hooked! So I guess, I am now a blog junkie… but only for this one :)!

  • Kell77 says:

    I have seen a few of these fresh spins to the advent calendar love yours one thing struck me that I think I will do for my family make the 25 cards but only number the 24th & 25th this way if schudule, weather, or just working late interfer you can plan a simpler activity for that evening! Just a suggestion that I will incorporate with your terrific and family-centered advent calendar! Happy Holidays!!

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