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August 2011

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    The Diva Dish: Triple Smoothies

      Friendlies? A moment of silence, please. As of this very moment I’m flying over the deep blue sea, sportin’ the eye mask to block out reading lights, conked out from benadryl and hopefully not snorting or…

    August 31, 2011
  • Desserts Fun

    Summer Peach Pie

    We’ve been enjoying peaches since July. But there’s something about August’s crop that has them even juicer & sweeter! Perfect picking for a cold peach pie! This is my Grandmother’s secret recipe (uh I…

    August 29, 2011
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    Mixed Emotions

    There’s some major churning going on in my heart right now. A few days ago Lil’ Mister and I made the long flight across the country to visit family. In just a few short…

    August 26, 2011
  • Fun

    Golfing Goofballs

    When Ry and I dated we obviously discussed both of our upbringings. On both sides, the breadwinners are entrepreneurs. Another similarity? Both sides love golf! Ry grew up working at high end courses just…

    August 24, 2011
  • Breakfast

    One Smart Cookie

    Mister smarty pants kinda did us proud (working full time, welcoming the new role of dad, and going to school). Probably took 5 years off his life. But he’s finally DONZO! We celebrated his…

    August 22, 2011