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    Irresistible Dutch Baby Puffed Pancake

    January 5, 2017

    It’s a marshmallow world out there — 14 inches deep, to be exact. Everything is frosted and tipped with heavy powdered snow. And my heart is so so happy about it. So, that calls for a special breakfast — Dutch Baby Puffed Pancake (pdf). It’s quick and simple and all ingredients are always on hand for a moments notice for when the craving sets in. It’s perfect for impressing company or your family when plain oatmeal just won’t do. The consistency is an irresistibly eggy and fluffy delight with a chewy crust that makes your eyes roll. With only a tablespoon of sugar (completely optional, even) adding some sweet toppings make this treat guiltless. Of course, the traditional way to serve it is drizzled with lemon juice and dusted powdered sugar; but topping choices are endless. In this case, dark chocolate, bananas, and sliced almonds is a crowd pleaser. Try it. It’ll be your new favorite go-to breakfast for those special days. Or just for the everyday. Wink wink.  

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