A Special Sunday

    • It’s the same dress I wore, at roughly the same age, for the same very special day. I can’t believe June has almost slipped by without me sharing baby doll’s blessing day! You could say, it almost felt like a mini wedding, of sorts… lots of anticipation, a beautiful dress, tears of joy and love, good grub, and cherished time with family.


    • Ryan administered the blessing at church where he presented her with her name and a blessing. Much of what he said revolved around the significance of her middle name, Joie — that she is, and will continue to be, a light and joy to everyone she meets. One significant phrase he expressed (that I’ll likely forget if not written down) was when he said, “You were meant to soar through the clouds and not be shackled to the earth…” with references to not let temporal sights distract her from reaching her potential; and to always remember she can do, become, and accomplish anything she sets her heart on.


  • To say I’m thankful for her, doesn’t adequately describe my feelings. At times, my heart almost physically hurts by the amount of love it contains. In some ways, I don’t even feel worthy enough to be called her mother. Just being around her pureness reminds me of how much I need to improve in my own life. In just the short time she’s been with us, she has taught us all to smile more and to love more wholly. Remi Joie, we love you so!