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    Ginger and Greens

    September 21, 2016

    green-smoothie-blog-39-of-46You know it’s a successful trip to the grocery store when: 1) You snag a cart without that notorious pirouetting ballerina wheel (you know the kind). 2) The offspring manage to keep their mini carts from crashing, clipping heels, and only toss in what’s asked for — “Uh friends, where did these cookies come from?” haha! 3) The weekly meal plan is adhered to. This holds especially true if the husband tags along. “Scratch the soup. How about calzones this week?” he says, as we pass the hot pizza bar. Such was our trip to replenish green smoothie essentials…green-smoothie-blog-1-of-46Riding shot-gun in the cutest little chucks!
    green-smoothie-bw-blog-1-of-5Following orders: Hoard limes like candy. green-smoothie-blog-6-of-46… And sneak a lemon or two for ‘lemalade’.green-smoothie-blog-3-of-46green-smoothie-blog-8-of-46green-smoothie-blog-9-of-46To the inventor of the mini cart, mothers across the globe thank you. SO cute!green-smoothie-blog-12-of-46A quick true story… Our green smoothie game changer came one day when we were perusing down the frozen veggie aisle, to grab some peas. In the same section, I caught a glance of Dorot frozen herbs … and eureka ginger was longingly waiting among them! I instantly thought of our green smoothie and what a time save this could be — already peeled, diced and conveniently portioned into ‘pop-able’ cubes. I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since.green-smoothie-blog-19-of-46Little miss on a mission…green-smoothie-blog-13-of-46green-smoothie-blog-14-of-46green-smoothie-blog-couponDorot recently reached out to see if I’d be willing to share their answer to your culinary prayers. For me, it was a no-brainer to share my already tried-and-true love of frozen crushed ginger. Count it as speaking from personal experience when I say… Frozen herbs is their name. Saving time is your game! Dorot is offering a $1 off coupon for you to try it for yourself. Both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are carriers. And if you’re extra lucky, they’ll be on sale (like they were for us) making them only a dollar a piece!
    green-smoothie-bw-blog-2-of-5green-smoothie-blog-31-of-46Hey, Mr! I spy some pizza dough under that ginger! His calzone dreams came true! ha! green-smoothie-blog-40-of-46green-smoothie-blog-33-of-46ginger-greens-recipe green-smoothie-blog-36-of-46green-smoothie-bw-blog-3-of-5Morning, noon or night — cheers to sipping smoothies!

    This post is sponsored by Dorot. Thank you for supporting us and our trusted sponsors.

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