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    May 22, 2016

    Croque Madame (blog) (14 of 16)Words of Wisdom: A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Disclaimer: If you have small children that like to shoot hoops at the crack of dawn (say 6 am), running on less than 7 hours of sleep after traveling on too much sugar the day before, leading to mid-morning overly exhausted melt-downs at church, followed by resistance to take their much needed afternoon naps, then the previous statement (wisdom hogwash) may be entirely false! ha! But who cares? Because this Croque Madame is killing it in the Sunday brunch department! And trust me, regardless of what the munchkins may happen to drop on us for the remainder of the day, I’m pretty sure the above drippy-egg-melty-cheese goodness is sending some good vibes Monday’s way!Croque Madame (blog) (2 of 16)Croque Madame (blog) (4 of 16)Croque Madame (blog) (13 of 16) Croque Madame (blog) (8 of 16)Croque Madame (blog) (10 of 16)Croque Madame RecipeCroque Madame (blog) (3 of 16)sbsCroque Madame (blog) (16 of 16)


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