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    Dear Sister

    September 28, 2016

    lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-16-of-25Dear Sister,

    You and I are a lot a like. Floormates, you might say. Lovers of loooong afternoon naps. Shoes, blocks, or even the occasional candy wrapper — all fair game for our giving a taste test of edibility. Mom is our target. We keep close by. Following her wherever she goes. The pantry for you, like the laundry room is for me — goldmine of treats. My favorite way to wake up, you ask? To your good-morning wave ‘hello’ and your two little hands that hug my face and pat my back, of course! So, when I kiss you in return, it’s really code for: thank you and I love you too.  Although, there’s one thing I have yet to put my paw on … Why can’t I have a potty pillow to cocoon my bottom, too? The life, I tell ya. We’re friends. Snack friends and snuggle friends. Simple friends but the best of friends. Sure do love you, sister.

    Paws + Kisses,

    LuLululu-and-baby-snacking-blog-3-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-21-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-8-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-23-of-25 lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-10-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-25-of-25 lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-11-of-25 lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-12-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-14-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-4-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-16-of-25 lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-18-of-25lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-24-of-25 lulu-and-baby-snacking-blog-19-of-25

    Psst! In case you might be wondering about the bowl (because all mothers wonder about childrens feeding supplies) haha! I joke; but not even. Awhile back, we stumbled upon them at our favorite toy store. They’re made by a company called Re-play who recycles milk jugs into the most practical dishware. They come in a wide array of colors but what truly peeked my interest was the ALL white! Swoon.

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